1-point low pincer on approach to the 4-4

Perhaps someone can help me in this joseki. I have been led to believe that the hane in this position is a mistake that can be refuted. However, on two different occasions I have gotten into difficulties following the atari in this direction:


Is this a case of my just making noob errors in my refutation, or is this actually a solid move for black?

(It was not me that marked this move as a question, so I guess that somebody else has gotten into difficulties).


After white answers the atari (P15), she’ll be able to capture either the group of three black stones or the P17 black stone.

Perhaps you could share a sequence that didn’t work for you?


I’ve wondered the same thing, and now that SanDiego mentions the possibilities it seems obvious!

This knowledge should definitely be put into that move on josekipedia - the “3”(question) move that Russjass pointed do needs to be marked as “mistake”, with the outcomes SanDiego described shown… unless there’s more to it?