-1 wins vs. weaker opponents

I have played 6 ranked games so far - all viewable in the game history, but when I look at the pie chart on the right, it claims I have only played 5. I found that if I click it to filter the games down to only my blitz games on 9x9 boards, it shows that it thinks I have 1 loss vs a stronger opponent, as well as “-1 wins” against weaker opponents.

Is there a legitimate reason that it would mark me as having played fewer than 0 games under that category, or is this a bug? What can I do to get it to display the correct numbers?

I have played 2 private unranked matches against bots, and have 1 ongoing private unranked match against a bot, if that helps.

Thank you for your help!

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I have already brought this up, here.


Thanks Starline, I completely overlooked that! I’ll keep an eye on that post for a resolution. :slight_smile: