10k Game Review Request - How did I get into that mess?

Thanks for taking a look! Here is the game:

I would love some advice about how to prevent the center from becoming so huge for my opponent. I have the feeling I was expanding my moyo at the bottom when I should have been playing elsewhere. Not sure. Advice from stronger players much appreciated!

Just look at your opponent’s moves to get the answers :slight_smile:

O10: white threatens to cut you, why not answer? That’s huge.

N13: that’s a big jump, expect to get cut.

So P11 and M13 turn out to be wasted moves.

K8: an invitation for white to reinforce the center (you’re actually blocking your own expansion here).

T7: was there a weakness here?

You also played a bunch of slow moves like J3 and O3.

I hope this helps.

Hi Sandiego, thanks for taking the time to look the game over. However, without move numbers, it is very difficult to make use of your comments. I know where the stones are but can’t tell from your notes when I played them.

It would also be useful to add alternative suggestions, since I often know what I did wrong, but don’t know how to fix it.

Next time you offer awesome advice, would you add move numbers as well so us newbies can make better sense of things or also create alternative move sequences so I know what to do instead?

It would probably be easier for you and the reviewee to create a game review and use that instead of commenting in the forum. That’s my guess though.

Also N13 was meant to be a Sabaki. :wink: I failed though.

In looking over your comments, I definitely made sense of what you were saying in some cases, so thank you for that. It forced me to reflect on my moves from a different perspective.

The biggest issue here is a number of unnecessary and very slow moves, especially at the bottom. B wound up responding four or five times to two w stones in a relatively cramped space. Meanwhile, w was focused on the huge open areas of the board.