10k requesting and offering games

Hi, I’m looking for some 20min +5x30s teaching games, if you’re interested in teaching me or learning from me then send me a challenge.

I’m obviously not that strong but think I could help out 15kyus or weaker a bit.

Thanks very much!

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If I’m online, message me and I should be free if I’m not playing league or something.

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@onehandfulofearth Thanks for offering your time to teach!

I used to be 6k~ a few years ago and got back to playing just now.
I’m guessing i’m currently 13k~ with some 20k~ mistakes =)

What timezone are you in?
I could also do correspondense game so we could do multiple moves everyday whenever available. instead of trying to find a mutual tim.

Is that possible for you?


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Cool, you’ll probably beat me haha.

Happy to do correspondence games for other timezones, I’m in the UK, GMT


I can’t find your username on OGS, feel free to find me and send me a challenge :slight_smile:

Thanks @onehandfulofearth!
I sent you a challenge. As user Tpthegreat

i used to be around 1d-1k, but stopped for a long time
only 3-4k nowadays
pm me for a game