~12k looking for teachings games in both directions

Edit: I previously asked for live game and got little love so I’m now asking for correspondence. I’m also now 12k, yeh!

In the past I’ve gotten a lot of use out of teaching games but unfortunately my old teacher moved. I’d be ecstatic to be able to experience that again. In addition I’m happy to provide teaching games for anyone who would find value in a 12k’s advice :slight_smile:.

My preferences:

  • 19x19
  • Correspondence


Hi. I am around 18k, I accept the correspondence challenge at any time. For live games I live in GMT-5, some days at 13:00 GMT or 0000 GMT.

Hi guyfox28. Feel free to send me a challenge.

Hi Gooper, I’m 7k on kgs (not sure what that translates to on this server, or even what level I’m at on this server as I’ve not played many games here) but would be happy to have a game and discussion if you’d like to challenge me

@DickyBoy, 7k on kgs is about equivalent to 12k on OGS according to http://senseis.xmp.net/?RankWorldwideComparison

I’m a 10k (so again we’re mostly at the same level), but I’m also happy to do a correspondence game/discussion with any of you! Just send me the challenge (I usually do +24/hr per move for max 7 days)

Aha cheers @Swabby8 I didn’t realise there were conversion tables! That said, there is an addendum later that says the ogs ranks have since been changed and the table is no longer valid. Either way, gives a rough ballpark figure, so thanks :slight_smile:

I have challenges out with Swabby8 / DickeyBoy (thanks folks!) and a game already started with guyfox28.

I’d still really appreciate a game with a stronger player and still willing to do games with weaker players.


How do you teach with correspondence game? It takes close to 100 days if not more.

can I have a teaching game please

“How do you teach with correspondence game? It takes close to 100 days if not more.”

  1. Play faster. You don’t have to do only one move per day. If you are both online at the same time you can get through more, and also enjoy a conversation for teaching

  2. Don’t play the whole game. Most of the teaching (at least for me) is opening/midgame. Life and death/end game probably is best taught some other way.

The ranks are much more comparable nowadays. Maybe a stone or two different… I’d say 7k kgs is still somewhere in SDK here too, you will get value from this game :slight_smile: