12K review request

Hi guys! Can you, please, review this game?

I played with 6K CrazyStone (I’m black). I’m very interested to know, how it was: how many mistakes I did and what of them were the biggest. I will be very grateful for your commentaries ^^

Hey, this game was pretty peaceful game.

I left some comments in my review.
I think the biggest problem you ran into was when the fight happened, you lost stones due to spreading yourself too thin.

Thanks! I’m always told that I play peacefully. And I wanna know already, what means to play hard! :smiley:

Go play on tygem haha

I play there already. And yes, players on Tygem like overplaying :slight_smile:

Hi! I am only around 2d, and it is my first time to write a review. Please correct me, if I make any mistakes.

I let Leela Zero analyse your game, with 750 playouts.



— Top-1 mistake (most impact) —
move 63, lost -39.220000000000006% winrate. winrate: 42.12
play black N7
L8 N10 N7 C12 C11 D12 F11 F12 G12 F13 G13 -> 83.0 (for black)
M9 L6 K6 K7 L8 J6 K5 B8 C8 C9 D9 C10 C11 B11 B12 C7 D8 B6 -> 80.18 (for black)
L6 M9 L8 C12 C11 D12 F11 -> 79.64 (for black)
— Top-2 mistake (most impact) —
move 67, lost -9.420000000000002% winrate. winrate: 31.72
play black K7
G4 J6 G3 J4 F2 H2 E3 D2 B6 C14 C15 C12 E12 C10 C9 D11 B10 -> 42.18 (for black)
H5 K7 G4 J5 J4 H3 J6 G5 H6 F5 H8 K6 K5 M10 L9 K9 L10 -> 42.43 (for black)
K6 K7 J6 L9 M10 L10 M11 L11 G6 C12 M12 L12 M13 -> 33.93 (for black)
J5 K7 H5 H7 G4 G3 J8 J7 G6 L9 M10 L10 M11 -> 38.78 (for black)
K7 K6 J6 J7 K8 J5 H6 K5 J8 H12 G12 G11 -> 25.24 (for black)
J6 K7 K6 L9 M10 L10 -> 37.93 (for black)
L9 K7 -> 28.69 (for black)
J7 -> 31.85 (for black)
G3 -> 29.03 (for black)
J4 -> 27.69 (for black)
E4 -> 25.8 (for black)
H3 -> 25.72 (for black)
H6 -> 25.15 (for black)
K9 -> 23.18 (for black)
D4 -> 21.59 (for black)
F4 -> 20.31 (for black)
G5 -> 20.25 (for black)
G6 -> 18.21 (for black)
H7 -> 17.75 (for black)
J8 -> 17.48 (for black)
K8 -> 15.68 (for black)
K5 -> 12.89 (for black)
— Top-3 mistake (most impact) —
move 49, lost -9.159999999999997% winrate. winrate: 45.0
play black O5
E11 H6 N6 B8 B7 D8 E8 C11 C13 -> 56.95 (for black)
F11 C9 C10 B8 B7 B10 B11 D9 A10 A9 B9 P16 P15 -> 53.85 (for black)
F10 C12 B10 D16 D15 C15 C14 -> 55.35 (for black)
G11 B8 B7 D8 B10 F8 G6 F10 -> 51.55 (for black)
G10 B8 B7 C8 D8 C11 B12 C13 -> 53.02 (for black)
N17 M17 N18 M18 F11 B8 B7 D8 -> 53.56 (for black)
E12 B8 B7 D8 E8 B10 B12 -> 54.41 (for black)
E4 E3 F11 B8 B7 -> 52.11 (for black)
H11 B8 B7 D8 B10 F8 -> 51.99 (for black)
D4 C3 F10 -> 50.2 (for black)
J14 B8 D4 C3 C8 -> 42.42 (for black)
F17 F18 G15 B8 B7 -> 49.43 (for black)
H15 B8 B7 D8 -> 43.75 (for black)
G4 G3 H5 -> 49.46 (for black)
G15 B8 -> 46.25 (for black)
— Top-4 mistake (most impact) —
move 69, lost -9.149999999999999% winrate. winrate: 21.92
play black J6
J5 J8 H5 J7 E4 E3 G4 G3 G8 G7 F7 G9 F8 H11 -> 32.74 (for black)
J6 J7 K8 J5 H6 K5 J8 H12 G12 G11 H11 C10 C11 -> 21.32 (for black)
J7 J6 H6 J5 H7 H12 G12 -> 20.2 (for black)
G4 J7 G3 K8 H5 -> 25.99 (for black)
— Top-5 mistake (most impact) —
move 43, lost -8.329999999999998% winrate. winrate: 47.52
play black K4
E11 C9 C10 B10 B11 B8 B7 -> 59.01 (for black)
G11 B8 B7 D8 B10 F8 G6 F10 -> 55.82 (for black)
G10 B8 B7 C11 C13 D8 F8 B13 -> 57.0 (for black)
F10 C12 B11 G12 E12 G10 G9 -> 57.4 (for black)
F11 C9 C10 B8 B7 B10 B11 D9 A10 A9 B9 P16 -> 55.84 (for black)
H11 B8 B7 C11 C8 C14 -> 52.88 (for black)
N17 M17 N18 M18 F11 B8 -> 55.24 (for black)
N3 O4 F11 B8 B7 -> 53.52 (for black)
D4 C3 F10 C10 C11 -> 53.2 (for black)
H15 B8 D4 C3 B7 -> 47.03 (for black)
E4 G2 G11 G5 -> 55.39 (for black)
J14 B8 D4 C3 -> 45.35 (for black)
F17 F18 G15 B8 -> 53.06 (for black)
G15 B8 D4 -> 45.71 (for black)

Thanks a lot!

Wow, thank you! It seems that it’s time to install Leela.

Small advice for the ones curious to use Leela to analyse games:


Works great and you get the review in sgf format including variations played by Leela. (Free version until ~10K)

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