12k vs 12k game, review request: I lost and I don't know why :)

Hi everybody. :smile:

I’d like to ask if someone could help me by reviewing this game:

I was Black.

Most of the game was a struggle between White trying to save his weak group, and me trying to kill it and getting some advantages (territory/influence) in the process. At the end White was able to save his group, but I thought I had enough compensation for it, since I managed to build a large territory on the top and 2 smaller territories elsewhere.
However, White was able to shrink my groups, and I fell far behind (in the end I resigned after a bad blunder).

Could you help me and tell me where I did wrong?
I lost because I didn’t manage to secure the advantages I took while attacking White? Or were those advantages not enough just to begin with? Should I have focused on other targets/strategies?

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

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Hi emanumae, I made a few comments on your game:


I hope they are helpful. Also, I suggest you read these sensei’s library pages:



Thank you very much for your responses. :smiley:

I’ll go for the review and the linked materials, thank you.

And I’ll go and check out also Linux’s pages. :smile:

Again, ty very much!



youe fuseki is good. However when you get to trying to attack groups you effectively peep his weak points and therefor make him make himself stronger.

Dont try to kill so much - or if you are not trying to kill stop trying to attack. simply put pressure on your opponents groups and make then run in a way that lets you make points on one side and them much less on the other.

Also keep it simple. look at p8, id of just extended from the side to cut him. Only one of his groups can run at once, the other will suffer.

q3 was the wrong direction.
e6 and f15 were big points for a long time as was o/p 10

The really strong moves are often very very simple even if the fights that result can have huge complexity.

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Thank you for your response. :smile:
I’m starting to understand errors like the ones I made here.

I appreciated your comment, and hope I’ll be able to stick to your advices. ^^
Again ty. :smiley:

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