13x13 blitz game

Very fast game, I ran out of time.

Here you have my review. Maybe a higher rank can be more precise, but I tried to cover all the big spots.

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thatpersoninthemirro: "last post 38min ago"
You spend 15 minutes of your time reviewing a game and the person doesn’t even comment the topic, nor gives you a like, nothing. Internet in a nutshell

To be honest, I looked through your review, and although you provided some helpful variations your tone left something to be desired. @thatpersoninthemirro is clearly a beginner and needs some assistance with much of their game play. I would advise practicing more tact and friendliness in your reviews. These sort of comments:

“totally useless”
“this is pointless”

… should be avoided. And, there was no conclusion to your review. No helpful comments about where to go to study tsumego, teaching ladders, etc. Your review needed a review, so here is my opinion. Best,


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@thatpersoninthemirro: it’s generally better to ask for reviews of games that are not blitz. That way when someone says “This was a bad move” your response isn’t “Oh yeah that was a misclick” or “I just played that without thinking because I was short on time.”


A few things:

[quote=“majamin, post:4, topic:4161”]
your tone left something to be desired.
[/quote]First of all: I have no tone. I’m not from USA, Australia or England. I’m latin and english isn’t my mother language, so some of my expresions might sound rough but it’s only due to my square-like english speaking. It has happened to me several times that, when I speak in english, people tend to think that I’m mad, when I’m not.

Second of all, I think that moves involving the game are the main part of a review.

[quote=“majamin, post:4, topic:4161”]
there was no conclusion to your review
[/quote]You’re right about this, it’s weird cause I allways make a conclusion when I’m helping someone in a game, this time I just forgot to.

[quote=“majamin, post:4, topic:4161”]
should be avoided
[/quote]Again, theese are only expresions that may sound more agressive that I want them to, although I don’t see anything wrong with the word “pointless”, if something isn’t helping him, then it’s pointless, it’s not rude or anything.

[quote=“majamin, post:4, topic:4161”]
Your review needed a review
[/quote]I have over 10 reviews made and everyone allways seemed to enjoy them, maybe this one was a failure.

To conclude, even if we left the tone thing aside, if you fall in the street and someone helps you get up, you won’t look at him and walk away without saying anything, just because he grabbed your hand a little hard. The propper thing is, at least, to comment. And maybe add a constructive critic to my review.

[quote=“calantir, post:5, topic:4161”]
it’s generally better to ask for reviews of games that are not blitz
[/quote]Totally agree, I do think some of his moves were product of him being rushed

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Sorry, I forgot I even posted this, Thanks for the review!


It’s okay, after my second comment I remembered that even if it’s your post, if I don’t reply directlly you won’t get a notification. So I thought you might have not seen it. I hope the review helps you

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This is all well and good; English is not my mother language as well, so I know what you mean (Czech is my first). Whether or not you think you have a tone, your words that you choose invariably will; the mind cannot help but infer a meaning or tone. I guarantee you that you will bring more praise and thankfulness to yourself if you avoid phrases such as the ones I quoted from your review. If you continue to use destructive criticism in your reviews, expect to have a higher rate of avoidance from your audience. If you are ok with this, and you don’t ultimately care whether they like it or not, then that’s ok too. Personally, I would not recommend you as a reviewer; your success of teaching people would inevitably be less then with someone who uses constructive criticism.

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