13x13 Teaching Game for a beginner please

Played 15 and lost 20… I feel like I spend a lot of energy mid game defending loose groups. Sometimes my plans seem transparent and the opponent blocks me with one stone.
I feel like it would be useful if I explained why I make a certain move and someone can tell me why it is not the best move in that situation.
I do Tsumego and sometimes understand them. Game contexts are different.
My timezone is GMT+2; most evenings are free. Correspondence is fine.
Thanks in advance.

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Cool, 9x9 with analysis on in correspondence game is okay with me.

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Can I challenge you on OGS?

Yes, on https://online-go.com/play you can create a custom game and challenge me.

In general:

  • start to build solid groups in the corner (where you only have to defend in two directions).
  • then occupy the sides (defending in three directions).
  • walk into the centre.

You started to walk into the centre, without a solid basis. If the basis is not firm it will be hard to build a solid group.


  • play more correspondence and less blitz. In correspondence you have a lot of time to make up your mind. I saw some of your earlier, faster games, and you were rather impulsive.
  • review your games and/or ask someone to do that, preferably a go teacher (Are you a member of a non-digital go club? Face to face interaction is much more complete than via internet.)
  • in making groups try one/two space jumps.
  • play multi purpose moves: moves that both defend and attack at the same time.
  • (if you didn’t already) find out what sente and gote mean in go
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“I played 15…”
That’s very few.
“I do tsumego”
Nice, but too early maybe.

Just play many games, play with players around same strength as you. Before thinking you need to see.
Be patient, go is really hard when starting but the reward later is great.