14 games suddenly started

I was already winding down my involvement with OGS, when its users all got transferred to another server. I finished all my games on that other server (which was not as good as OGS), checked that I was not signed up for any pending tournaments there, and stopped playing online Go.

But today, I find that I am suddenly involved in 14 new games on OGS, which apparently still exists. I’m sorry to disappoint those 14 opponents, but I shall be resigning those 14 games. And I don’t understand why this happened. Can an admin please tell me what I have to do to avoid this happening again?

Those actually seem to be torunament games. There is a little trophy below the board on the left. When you click it, it shows you which tournament they are assigned to.

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So they are. Thank you for pointing it out.

I checked the tournament list, and found that I was also signed up for about six other tournaments. I have resigned from them all.