14k vs 11k 19x19

Probably best game I’ve ever played, but I lost. After capture I started worrying too much about defending my weak points. Gave points near the end, not sure it’s enough. So any ideas?

I made a review. You played well overall. I think if you had taken all the biggest end moves, you could have won the game.

Make sure your groups are strong and not sealed. If your groups are strong, you can then attack your opponents weak groups or take the next big points.

Thank you, I agree as it was a close game.

Generally during the entire game I could had taken bigger moves; but especially during the endgame. As you said either I missed bigger moves or left weaknesses in my groups. I need to more carefully look globally and locally for what’s possible, what it is I should do.

I only covered the one main game deciding point in the game: which was that the big group you killed to even make the game close was not dead. I left it as a variation instead of a review so you don’t have to keep changing screens.

Great catch, I thought connecting underneath was always possible. Before my group was disconnected I had assumed a monkey jump would connect underneath. After it was disconnected from the outside, it looked risky, considering the limited liberties and vulnerable points (both groups). So I tried jumping with a small knight, either way I was in trouble. As it was said, I should had been more carefully about the strength of my groups.

Just a simple hane from the right side and it would have been fine. It looks weak but your group is secure enough. The cuts don’t work.

Wow, it was that simple. :astonished:

Checked couple variations of the connection, nothing White can do. Should had considered that move more and read where it went.