14k vs 12k on 19x19 review request

I am Black.

Here you go :slight_smile:

General Observations

  1. Do not play the elephant’s jump if you want to have a chance of connecting your stones. I made some illustrations in the review to show what the elephant’s eye look like, Black tried to jump into white’s centre using an elephant jump, which got brutally torn apart and white secured a solid wall for the centre.

    I recommend getting familiar with haengma (movement of stones): http://senseis.xmp.net/?Haengma.
    It will save you a lot of trouble with your opponent cutting your stones apart.

  2. Try not to slide onto the 2nd line to gain 4 extra points of territory in the middle game. Be weary of where the ‘large points’ are on the board. If the center looks large for white, erase away!

  3. If a move is not a matter of life and death, then it’s a matter of points at stake on the board. You fought two kos back and forth with your opponent for three useless black stones, six points in total, when the center is a very large area that need to be reduced. Because your opponent soon realized that losing 1 stone was small, he took the initiative to play the last big move to seal the center away.

  4. Read before you play! If you want to have any chance of finding success in a position, you should be familiar with the sequence to expect before playing the move, not just throwing a die the air and see how the result goes. Better reading gives you finer control of the result to expect in a local position.

    As the cliche goes, do more tsumego. It just works :stuck_out_tongue:


The second line slide was actually more because I wasent sure how alive the group was than for the points. Still not entirely certain how alive two space third line extennsion “bases” are, and I always feel like this slide move is needed to get the second eye.

Thanks for taking your time to review my game! Much to mull over, hopefully it helps :slight_smile:

I see. Usually a two space extension is considered settled for the opening and early game, but there are ways to remove the base if white is solid in the area to go for the kill. That being said, you can still defend your two space extension by performing a one space jump on K15, which not only prepared to make eye shape , but also it brings the group into the center to reduce white.