14k vs 13k: My best match


In this game I was White against a 14k. I tried to play following the Fundamentals from Kageyama, Cut when you can cut, Keep connections between groups, etc, and some Opening Basics. I would like to know where I commited a mistake (like Joseki and Reading) and when I ignored my rival’s mistake. Also I would like some comments about Reduccion moves at P9 and C12, is the first time I tried to reduce.

By the way, stone 60 (H9) was a random move, I had 4 sec. on clock, so I just clicked.

And the game finish by Timeout because I didn’t realize the time I had on the clock, just ignore that. :disappointed:

P.S. Now I am going to play with voice countdown.

Thanks :grinning:

I recommend you choose “Fischer” as your preferred method of timing. No annoying voice countdown, a quick game, and less pressure.

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2m+ 30s until 5m, was the time used.

I’m not the greatest player, and I’m just getting back to go after a few years of not playing, but here are my thoughts:

In general: You play a lot of moves that don’t really challenge your opponent or stop them from building big frameworks. If you’re building territory, think about where you can build territory that will hurt your opponent’s ability to do so. There seem to be lots of points where you’re building your frameworks far from your opponent, when you could be pressing his frameworks or invading instead. This results in shapes that feel very overconcentrated. If your opponent was better at invading/reducing your territory, he could’ve ended up with tons of territory on the right and left as a result of this, while pressing you down to fairly small territories at the top and bottom.

Mostly, you both played a fairly peaceful game, but there’s also a point at the end when your opponent opens himself up to a nasty looking cut. I didn’t analyze the cut in detail, but keep an eye out for weak groups that can be isolated.

12-22(ish): I don’t really like this choice of joseki. Black seems too strong on the right to be giving him a big wall, even if you get some corner territory. He misplays a bit, (17 should be at O16), and you get compensation on the top, but I’d rather either build moyo somewhere else or build a base somewhere on the right before making this exchange.

34: I’d prefer C6 since you’ve got a stone on the right.

42: This feels too passive. I’d rather either continue the joseki with C8 or else approach the lower right corner with something like O4. Q6 could also be interesting, but it’s probably an overplay.

48: This seems passive, as well. The right side, especially, needs to be attacked. there’s no good candidate for black’s stone at M16 to attach to, and if it runs, you can get a good base in the middle to attack the right from. The D7 cut also seems suspect, and I’d rather finish that joseki with C8 than win the top stone.

72: I think the reductions on the right are more important. Unless black looks like he’ll be able to win your stone, you can always escape to the middle later. Even if you end up giving up that stone, you’ve got some big moyos pressing up into the middle that you can reinforce in exchange.

116: I think this is a mistake. You should cut at G14.

123: You still have the cut at G14, so you should try to save the left group. I think G10 connects effectively.

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I really like your opinion about framework and direction of play, but when I review the game I can’t see what could be thats moves. For example, at move 48 I suppose I should play at the left, but I don’t know exactly where.

In general, I’d look for one of two things: either a place you can push along the top of the framework, or a place you can try to invade. In the former case, you’re looking to build off of something big you’ve got on the outside, hopefully in a case where the compensation you’re giving your opponent isn’t huge. In the latter, you’re mostly looking to destroy territory.

I’ve added a review of your game with three variations at 48. The first two look at attacking the right, while the third builds on your bottom moyo by going after the left.

My preference would be to try to invade somewhere like Q11. I’m not sure if it’d work, but if it does, it’ll severely reduce your opponent’s biggest territory. You’ll have to be pretty flexible in this kind of attack, and see how your opponent responds. You should be able to create life somewhere on the left, though, probably at the expense of a few stones. I’d start with the tsuke on the top of black’s middle stone, since you can invade at the bottom right 3-3 point later, and since ideally you’d like to undermine that wall. A tsuke to the side is probably safer, but it’ll probably give your opponent more territory. There isn’t really space for a base anywhere, so attaching would be my preference for the invasion. You could try something like R6, and then try to build into it after the tsuke, but then you can’t invade the bottom.

You did a good job reducing that moyo towards the end of the game, but it seems like your opponent could’ve had most of that territory if he’d focused on it instead of playing on the left/center, which didn’t really give him anything.


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