~15 kyu seeking for strength

I’ve been playing go spontaneously for some time now, but mostly on 9x9, it’s been about a month since i’ve been more serious about 19x19. I’d be more than happy if any 10 kyu or stronger player played with me one to couple of 30min-1h games with some commentary, especially on bad/not so good moves. My goal is to see more of what’s happening on the board overall.


Hi! I am not exactly 10 kyu or stronger, just 13 kyu. I am used to playing 19x19 Go. If you find it appealing enough, I may help you.

You can add me and I’d be happy to help however I can. I’m currently 7k.

You can count me in as well, I’m currently 8kyu

I would love to help you,but i only do 9x9,I have helped people in the past and i am studying with a 8 kyu right now and i think i can be a great help to you even though i am only a 16 kyu. Please respond to me and give me a chance :slightly_smiling_face:.