16k, can u help me?

Could you review it?

Thank you very much!

Here you go! Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much

Hey I just glanced it over, without studying it too much, but still some quick thoughts to consider.

  • It seems to me you have a serious problem with shapes. There were like 87 (hyperbole) empty triangles (there is great chapter on empty triangles in this book: https://cdn.online-go.com/shape_up.pdf) that resulted in terrible dumplings :frowning: (sad face)… (move 31 to like 37 were especially painfull)
  • What was up with that endgame? Black missed like at least 5 point endgame and both players were passing while the borders were clearly not closed to the point I was wondering if the rules were clear enough to both players…

Your moves were clearly not thought out (obviously since it was a blitz game) White just kept taking bigger moves than black and black kept making small points in gote… (move 45 for example - 2 points in gote, while the board is still half empty…) I do not think this is a good game to put up for a review to be honest. If you want some really helpfull comments play a serious game first with enough time to think. Then we can really look for something more meaningful than just saying your moves were rushed…

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Thank you very much, you are right