16k VS 15k Review

Hi all! I would really appreciate it if someone could do a review of this game for me. Let me know where I’ve gone wrong and how I can improve.

I won this game, but I still want to see where I’ve gone wrong.

Thank you so much!!

Could you post a link to the game?

Oh I can’t believe I missed that out​:joy::joy::joy::joy:



Here is my review. As a 13kyu, you can take this with a grain of salt.

The thing that caught my eye though was that the group lower left corner was not a seki, but a dead black group. More comments in the review.

Hope it’ll help you.

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I was wondering at the end of the match whether it was a mistake not to attack that group. But oh well.
Thank you for the review! Really appreciate it. Looking through it now! :relaxed:

Update: Thank you for the review! Definitely helpful. And yes, you are right. I really should have gone in for that group :confused: