17k(ish) looking for a couple of 19x19 teaching games

I’ve only been kicking around on OGS for a few weeks, but am really enjoying Go. Started on 9x9, finally made the step up to 13x13. But 19x19 just feels like a impossible leap!

I wondered if anyone would be up for giving me a teaching game (or two) on 19x19. I can only really do correspondence (I have a tiny human that regularly demands attention).

Thanks in advance! :+1:


I can play with you and review it, but I am only 8 k. Send me a correspondence challenge.

Thanks Leidang! Will do :+1:t2:

Review: https://online-go.com/review/508557

A stronger player may have other opinions.

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Huge thanks to @Leidang for the time and effort put into this. I lost (as expected!) but thoroughly enjoyed the game, and learnt a heap too. :+1:t2:

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I would be happy to give you one correspondent pls I’m 9k : )

I would be happy to give you a teaching game you can challenge me when you have time