17k vs 16k, Review Request

Hi everyone,

This is a request for a review of a recent game I had with someone who was near my rank. The reason I really want a review here is that I feel it’s kind of indicative of how a lot of my games have been going lately. In this game I felt like I was doing ok in the early game but by the time all the corners and sides were taken I suddenly found myself massively outclassed on territory but with a lot of influence. I tried my best to make use what influence I had to pull myself back but just kept on getting reduced and cut and reduced some more. In the end I felt I lost by only a few points. Then the automatic scoring considered an entire corner I owned as dead so I lost by 33 points!

Specifically I’d like to know:

  1. What I could have done better early to not get so knocked out of territory.

  2. How I could have developed what influence I had better in the midgame. I honestly think my midgame is terrible.

  3. Why the top right group (up near R17) is dead? I just can’t see it.

Thank’s in advance to anyone who can give me insight!

Here’s the game: https://online-go.com/game/5840467

Here you go https://online-go.com/review/170846

As for the top, I agree, definitely alive. Auto-removal isn’t perfect, and I’ve had to correct it many times. Don’t be afraid to dispute it if you believe a dead group is alive. If the opponent believes it’s dead, they can restart play and try to kill it. Don’t be a jerk with this of course, forcing fights for obviously dead groups, but I don’t think you would be.

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I believe you have made a mistake on move 179. That doesn’t capture white’s P10 group along the second branch, where white plays P8 on move 182. At 187, black needs to connect his Q8 group, or else white can immediately play R9 or Q9 to capture and escape.

You are right about that, not sure what I was thinking there, thanks

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Thanks for looking at the game, and especially for all the comments ImprobableBlob. It has been a big help so far and I keep coming back to it to compare to my newer games :slight_smile:

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