19k looking for teaching game

I have been playing since May and have been improving steadily, but now I looking for new guidance, specifically in my middle game. I am looking for a teaching game with a low dan or single-digit kyu player.

Thank you

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Hello RyanCruz,
If correspondence game would suit you feel free to send me a challenge with your preffered settings.

Unfortunately, I rarely find time to scedule full live matches, but hopefully someone else might oblige. If you are looking for live match, consider specifying a time zone or probable time so people have more info to plan.


Thanks! Correspondence works great for me! I sent you a challenge.

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Same for me, I’d gladly play a game or 2 but only correspondence currently :sweat_smile:


I’ll send you a challenge. I am willing and able to learn as much as possible right now. haha

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Not strictly true: you’ve limited yourself to only learning what Dans and SDKs have to offer…

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