1st Australian Academic Go Symposium - Call for Papers


This will be held as a track on the Thursday of this year’s Australian Go Congress (University of Sydney, September 27-30). Presenters, papers, posters, audience members for the panel discussion all wanted.


That sounds great. But if I were to fly to Australia, I couldn’t afford the ticket back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it going to be streamed/recorded?

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One way trips to our country are not unheard of :slight_smile:


Touché. :wink:

Streamed, if we can. Recorded, regardless. Mail in if you have an idea (or an abstract!) for a remote presentation or paper.

Perhaps something with a historical focus, eg. to do with the early history of Go in Europe? Or maybe something about Go images on stamps, coins, postcards etc.

My thinking is that you’re probably going to have a lot of STEMmy presentations relating to computer science, combinatorial game theory, ranking systems and so on. You might want some more “fluffy” material to break that up and maintain audience interest.


Yes. If you have a thing to present…

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