20k looking to learn

I am 20k and am relatively to the game. I’ve read a few books and study puzzles but have never had someone to ask questions and translate what im studying into what im playing.

Being relative to the game is fine :slight_smile:

I am only 14k but feel free to add me to your friend list and ask away when I am online.
Or wait for a little longer and someone stronger will surely offer his/her services. :slight_smile:


Same as @Adam3141. I am only 12 (ish) kyu but feel free to add me and ask questions etc.

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Same here I’m 14k feel free to. Challenge me b and I’ll help you with what i know

Likewise :slight_smile: I’m 12k and I would be glad to help you with your queries, if it is to my ability. I live in GMT +8