20k seeking teaching game

This is my fourth attempt to learn this game, which I’ve abandoned due to game anxiety previously. (“Lose your first X games quickly” can be hard advice to take!)

I’ve played around 20 9x9 games here and elsewhere recently to remember the absolute basics of how it’s done, and one or two 19x19 games with feedback from someone more experienced over the next few weekends would be appreciated.

They don’t have to be full games.

If you haven’t found any yet and are still looking send me a challenge, as long as you don’t mind correspondence. I prefer more generous time settings. Something like Fisher time: 3 days plus 24 h/move up to a max of 7 days.

Challenge sent. I think I got the details right, but feel free to offer a different challenge if I didn’t.

I got about 10 stone to scrape off my rank, maybe then I can give you some useful feedback. Until that day, no can do. It will be like blind leading a blind :sunglasses: