20k vs 20k - Review Request

Hey all,

This was a game I played today. I played white. I felt really bad for most of the game, and didn’t realize I was ahead until late midgame/early engame. I came close to resigning after my group in the middle was done for.

Here is a quick self-review I did with some comments on the main parts I feel like I screwed up.

The main thing this game showed me is that I always need to have a plan to connect my stones. At the end, my opponent had one large group while I had 4 separate groups (one of which was dead).

I’d love to hear from you!

I put some thoughts there.

I’m only 15k, so standby for corrections to my thoughts from others :smiley:

But at least some things to think about and see if you agree.

Thanks! This was very helpful. I saw that black moyo in the early game and that’s why I was so sure I was going to lose for most of it :slight_smile: This is a lot of good stuff to think about!