21k looking for a correspondence teaching game

I’ve been playing on OGS since the end of April, and I feel like playing a few teaching games and getting feedback on my playing would really help me improve. At the moment I’m hanging around 21k, going back and forth between 20k and 22k.

I’m mostly struggling with being unsure what to look for to base my decision on when placing a stone. This has as a result that I often don’t think enough about my moves, because I’m not sure what options to consider.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

My profile can be found here.

Feel free to sent me a challenge.

I am only 14-13K, but feel free to send me a challenge :slight_smile: … correspondence fits me well

Hit me up. Send me a game challenge and we can discuss the game as we play.

Thanks! Sent you a challenge!

Thank you too! Sent you a challenge as well. :slight_smile:

And thank you! Sen you a challenge too.