21kyu looking for a teaching game

Hello !

If there is someone free for a teaching game (or more if possible) be it blitz, live or correspondance.
I played mostly on 9x9 boards and occasionally on 13x13, but I am open to try 19x19 board out.

I learned the basics from playing some puzzles in this site, and would like to improve my game in general so any advices, reviews and resources are very much appreciated.

Feel free to add me as a friend or send me a message anytime.

Thank you !

I’m about 13K so might be able to offer some feedback. Happy to play a game and discuss it afterwards and/or during the game. Correspondence game would probably be most reliable unless we’re both sufficiently close to UTC+0 and can get to the site around the same time somehow.

I am a professional Go teacher. Contact me please plushch@ meta.ua