25K for months. Need a teaching game

Hi I have started playing Go since April 2020. I an stuck at 25K. I feel I have limited move strategies and which is why I am stuck. Can someone play a teaching game with me and help me get better at my moves?

Sure, no problem.
Challenge me (correspondence, 13x13, analysis on).

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Sending you a challenge.Thank you so much.

Hi I am unable to send you a challenge. I have played with random opponents till date. Where can I add you in my friends to send you a challenge? Is there another way out. Appreciate your patience.

If you click on the three lying bars left of OGS logo and type my name, click on it, you will see a challenge mode.
And also a friend request.
Just try and see how far we get :grin:

I don’t know if there is a restriction for unranked players to challenge ranked players.

How much tsumego you doin?

Get through Graded Go Problems for Beginners v1. You will be 20k :slight_smile:


Scratch that. Is this graph really indicative of how much you play?

How can you expect to get better if you don’t play for 6 months? Perhaps try upping game frequency to playing 1 game every day and see how far that gets you. It is very likely you will improve.


Oh okay! Awesome :smiley: Sure, I will send you a friend request and try sending you a challenge.

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Alright, thanks a lot for this @benjito :slight_smile: I will try playing the game every day :slight_smile: