25k LF teaching game

Hi, I am new to go with 25k, looking for player to play and learn, thank you. (prefer correspondence 19x19 because i enjoy think and digest)

I sent you a challenge.

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I didn’t saw your invitation for challenge, sorry could you send again?

It’s still open. You should see it on the top right of the screen. I could send yet another one, but that will not be any easier to find I fear. :slight_smile:

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Ah, I think it should also show on your home screen, that’s probably the easiest way to find it.

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Game invitations appear on your Home Screen and in the Notifications area. To get to the Home Screen, simply click this link, located in the top left corner of the OGS website:


To find the notification area, first click the tiny arrowhead next to your user portrait, located in the top right corner of the OGS website:


I am not sure if this resource will be helpful to you, but I’ve put together some information for newcomers to go. If you are interested, you can find it here :wink::

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