25k requesting teaching games

Hi, I am requesting teaching games with stronger or same level players. I prefer live games.

Maybe I can help you.
What is your timezone and when do you prefer to play.

Btw. there are some people offering games in the forum already :wink:

I’d been meaning to see if you found what you needed.

You didn’t say what sort of games you want teaching, or what you think you already know and need to learn …

… I see you’ve played a fair bit of 9x9 - are you wanting to improve that, or move to 19x19 now?

Thanks for reply, my timezone is CEST. I usually play when night falls. I am playing only 9x9 live games for now, i guess that is best for beginner.

For me, best games that i had are against human opponents, but i am regulary loosing against >20k players. Do you think that i should continue to play against human players, or to practice vs Computer until I reach higher level?