25k vs 20k (19x19) review request

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing on OGS for about 3 weeks now, mostly 9x9 to get familiar with the game, this was my first match on a 19x19 board. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to review my performance (I was black btw). I’m especially wondering what you think I could’ve done to counter the invasion in the bottom right corner and prevent losing the left side of the board. Overall I’m satisfied with my first “real” go game, but it showed me I still have a long way to go.

link: Rachniroff vs. Hexaphenyldistannan

Nice game. I think your strategies were good but you left a lot of bad cuts behind when you played out your sequences, so you often fell apart in areas that should have been your territory. I recommend arranging your stones in straight lines when you already left one or two cuts earlier, and if you do leave bad cuts, make sure to come back soon and patch them up so you don’t get holes blown into your territories.

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I was aware of a few bad cuts yes, but I didn’t realize I had that many. Thanks a lot, this is very helpful :smiley: