25kyu Looking for teaching games to improve

I have been playing off an on for several months, but never played many human matches. I just studied and played analysis and bot games. I understand some principles, but I find applying them to push me past 25kyu to just be a challenge. I am just looking for someone who can play some games with me and tell me where I’m going wrong or direct my application of moves a bit more.

Welcome to OGS, love to play a teaching game with you.
If you challenge me (correspondence, analysis on, 9x9 or 13x13), we can play.

From what you say you are already an amazing 25k and you could just play too. I mean it’s very important to play with players of same level because many things just have to be discovered and lived by yourself too (I mean much better as being teached, some kind of prerequisite).

Btw bots can’t really replace playing humans, so I strongly push you to enjoy games with human

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I’ll give you a game sometime if you’re interested.

Sure, I would be very interested!

Sent a challenge!

If you consider me strong enough (12kyu), feel free to challenge me!

I will send one!