2k vs 6k Review Request

Could anyone review this game for me, please? slight_smile:

I’m the 6k in this game, and I lost by resignation. In the chat after the game, I said that I should have played A6 on move 141. After reviewing the game, I’m no longer so sure of that, as I don’t think I had any large ko threats. Also, if I had played A6 and then made a ko threat, I think I would have lost the corner in the bottom left, too.


So I am trying an experiment : we seem to be about the same strength (and your opponent is probably a bit stronger than me), but I still made a few comments on your game. Please view these more as a discussion then a review by a stronger player :slight_smile:
(Work in progress)

Thanks! Interesting variations on move 21!

Wrote a few more ideas , including a variation that kind of refutes my move at 21. I think your main problem in this game was not taking advantage of white’s weak groups and in turn letting him attack you own weak groups hope it is interesting :slight_smile:
(A stronger player should still definitely give his advice on this ! )