2nd Annual Australian Go Census

Hey all! It’s that time of year again, when we try to get an idea of who in Australia playing go where, why, how, when and other question words!

It’s really brief (less than 5 minutes), but is extremely useful for our attempts to promote go in Australia, whether in a club or online or just among informal groups of friends.

If you know anyone who plays go in Australia and they might not have seen this link, please forward it to them! And if you want a copy of the results or data (anonymous, of course), send an e-mail to the address at the end of the survey.


Done ^.^

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Thanks! :smiley:

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How many surveys got completed last year? How many have you received so far after 3 days?

Last year I had 166 responses in total.

So far we’ve gotten about 40 responses. So if you can do anything to get more people to complete it, I’d strongly appreciate it!

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Finding creative ways to poke it can to the top of the forum count? :wink:

That’ll do! :smiley:

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Just a bump to the topic.

We really don’t have even nearly enough data to make reasonable inferences, so please, take the survey if you play go and currently live in Australia! And forward it to any friends who also meet that criteria!

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I suppose I could give you guys a banner… :slight_smile:


Please do!

That would be so appreciated, thanks so much!


Done. Banner will be up for 24 hours :smiley:


Bump. This is almost closed. Please get your surveys in if you haven’t already!

@BHydden @Allan53 are the results of the Census published somewhere? Would be quite interesting to see them :smile:

I have not seen them yet. I suspect Allan will publish them in all the locations he requested participants :slight_smile:

Nz too?

Sorry about the delay, but you can find the data here.