2nd attempt of 3rd RENGO (Test) Game not possible... Fischer buggs

Fischer System seems buggy…

yesterday we wanted proceed the 3rd RENGO Test game after a successfully 2nd test game three weeks before.

Herefore we setup a Tournament game with specific Rengo-Team accounts in the Tournament Room (Group) … but it failed with the settings and we had to abandon because lack of time one SDK player could not wait longer to setup a new game.

FISCHER has a regular playtime of 45 minutes + 15 sec. / move (as given in the the game classicfication A of EGF) we like to follow.

As soon the extra time per move is selected in the settings during the configuration process going under 15 minutes, it swaps automatically back to McMahon, which itself requires minimum four players and therefore cannot be used (as 4 players are using two (2) Rengo Accounts).

Here the screenshot No. 1 (and with following Replies No. 2 and 3)…

Pls repair this bugg (and delete all tournaments in the Tournament room as they cannot be used) quickly as many OGSers are “hot” to play Rengo !!

Tks in advance to the Dev team for quick repairing.

Screenshot 2…

Screenshot 3…

P.S.: Since we started the new Rengo Group ten (10) days ago on 12th August, we count today already 28 members (4 Dans, 4 SDKs, 20 DDKS).

We like to start a first Rengo Tournament in Sept, latest as soon we have 40 members to pair the Rengo Teams.

When you set the increment, did it say “00:15:00” or did it say “00:00:15”? The former is 15 minutes and the latter is 15 seconds.

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Okay, now I see. I just checked it myself to see exactly what you were describing, and apparently this happens when you make the increment less than 10 minutes - much too far from the 15 seconds that you want.

Well, you could just go with 10 minute increments and assume that the players involved will be reasonable with time.