3-4 Joseki question

Black’s move: Are there any alternatives to playing D9?

To me, d9 seems like the natural next move for black. Are there any reasons not to play it?


  1. White just played a kick/contact move, which makes the local situation more urgent. Specifically, d9 becomes the vital point. If white had kept his distance at c11 instead, the follow-ups are not as severe.
  2. The black stone is alone on the white side of the board. Playing from the weaker position, black should be glad to get an extra exchange to strengthen himself.
  3. Since black is so glad to play d9, we can view it as punishment for white c10. Where white could have played a pincer at c7 or take a base at g11, he touched the weak stone instead.

The game might continue d9 f11 c6 f3 b4 c3 l5. I think black has a promising position from there.

If you find some unlikely reason why black cannot play d9, I can think of two more options:

  1. Get influence with e10 d10 e8 e9 f9 d9 f8. I don’t like this option because we are on a small board, where influence is less effective. The upper right corner stone is also very low on 3-3, which makes it easier for white to play reductions against black’s center moyo.
  2. Dodge to c6. This seems restless, like black is in a real hurry to approach everywhere. I don’t recommend to rush things like this in Go.
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