3rd Australian Digital - kicking off this weekend

Good evening, all.

If you are an Australian or New Zealand go player (at home, expatriate overseas, or in low earth orbit for all we care) this is your reminder and invitation to the 3rd Australian Digital Tournament. Details and entry at:


If you’re Australian, it’s an Australian Go Association first-class tournament carrying cash prizes, representative points, a chance to earn a formal ranking, and the opportunity to crush the New Zealand competitors. If you’re a New Zealand player, well, the same in the other direction.

Open division 2k and up, handicap division 2d and down, seven one-week rounds played on a go server near you (OGS is the default, because we are confident in its superiority). Email in the results in time for the next round’s draw, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

(PS: other countries in the South Pacific are most earnestly invited to join in the fun.)

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Ok, you convinced me.

I wish the American Go Association would do something like this. I think they use KGS as a formal server but it isn’t mobile friendly.

The British Empire owns the Pitcairn Islands, which are in the South Pacific. Can I play? (Don’t worry, I’m just trolling. You crazy Aussies have fun.)

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If you were playing from the Pitcairns… (:

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