404 on Firefox and can't login with IE

Hi team,

Thanks again for this great site!

…but since the update I have some stramge problems:

Running Windows 7 with IE 11 and FF 51

Accessing the site throws a 404 with Firefox.

Accessing the site with IE works, but when trying to log in I get
"TypeError: object doesn’t support the property or method ‘assign’ ".

Logging in with Chrome works like a charm…

Any suggestions?

"Major" Tom

I’m getting roughly the same problem. On Firefox I can access the site but I just get a whitescreen.

On IE I can watch live games - until I log in. Then my account logo appears at the top right of the display, but I get a popup message with a large red cross and circle, saying " TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘assign’ ". If I try to leave the sign in page through the navbar, the url changes but I stay on the sign in page. If I refresh the page after changing the url, I get a whitescreen.

I don’t use Chrome.

I get the same message in german: TypeError: Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft oder Methode “assign” nicht I’ using IE 11

This is annoying… as soon as I log in, the site freezes up. The navbar doesn’t work, the menu button doesn’t work, the little arrow by my account icon doesn’t work.

I guess only the players using Chrome can get on.

Nope, Firefox 51.0.1 32bit works for me.
Do you use an older version by any chance?

Nope, just vanilla FF51.0.1/32Bit…

My Win7/IE11 showed the error message "TypeError: object doesn’t support the property or method ‘assign’ " at first. But now it shows me a blank page.

How url are you open?

ok. i can’t open “www.online-go.com”. Simple online-go.com open good.

I’ve gotten the same error on login. Refresh shows a (not entirely) blank page, but from the IE Dev tools, the same error can be found

Object doesn't support property or method 'assign'
File: ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js, Line: 31, Column: 5892

but also another:

Unable to get property '__reactInternalInstance$l14m4kf1tzro' of undefined or null reference
File: react-dom.min.js, Line: 13, Column: 23434

Login appears to succeed, as I’m able to see a private message box.

I get a page not found error when trying to hit https://www.online-go.com with Chrome on OSX and Windows, and a “Secure Connection Failed” on Chrome Android. Leaving out the “www” works fine, though, and I can log in just fine, too.

UPDATE (2/15, 8pm pst): Everything’s working for me now.

I’ve managed to get onto the site now but I had to install and use Opera to do it. After I made my couple of posts in here, I couldn’t into the forum either.

I’m pretty used to this, though, as OGS has never worked on my Firefox - I think I messed about with its Flash or cookie settings quite a while ago and never changed them back. Same reason some other things don’t run on it.

IE used to get me onto OGS but doesn’t any more after the update. But hey, no-one’s maintaining IE any more anyway.