4k looking for a teaching game/advice on how to make territory

Have to admit that I don’t know how to make/secure territories… I usually win games by killing or occasionally by building big moyo or randomly invading and hope something good happens.

Looking for someone who can help me with this, don’t necessarily have to be 4k+. If you have any suggestions on how to get better at this we can discuss in this thread as well.

I am professional coach of Go. Work experience – 25 year. Have a coach certificate of the highest category. Master of Sports of Ukraine.
Among my students: Maria Zakharchenko - professional 1st dan (diploma of the Korean Association).
e-mail me: plushch@meta.ua

Since this post was necro’d anyway by Mr. Coldhot, wanted to say I’d be happy to play sometime. I wouldn’t call my style particularly territorial but I might be able to give some pointers if you have free time. Besides, it’s fun for me.

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One month is hardly a necro…