4k offering teaching games to 15 kyu or lower. French or English

GMT -5 (Montreal)
Maybe it could be a live game, but more probably a correspondence game


I am a complete beginner and I would appreciate any pointers as I really struggle to understand the way the game should be played on the 19x19 board. I would be fine with correspondence games.

Sure! I suggest we chat a bit about how we could proceed.

Hey! I’m really new to the game and I’ve lost almost every game I play. Are you still offering to teach because if so I would be very interested.

hey, i am ranked at 21kyu on ogs and would love some pointers on corners and fighting. I would prefer live but I could do correspondence if you don’t want to do live. I started about a year ago but then had to take a 5 month break and am getting back to go now but could really do with some teaching.

hey, @alavoie.

I’m a double digit, coming back to go after couple years. I’d love to play some correspondence TGs to brush up and get my a5 and 7 y/o into Go.