4k Review Request

Could use a review https://online-go.com/review/265838.

Particularly on the top middle and top left. Once my territory got taken away, I think I would have lost if B didn’t mess up the centre.

Thank you in advance.

The main issue was how the players handled the ko situation. First, the ko was unnecessary, because White could live unconditionally from the very start. Then White answered a couple of threats that didn’t seem as valuable as winning the ko, because a large Black group was at risk, too. White was lucky Black made an opposite mistake later in the game, missing a ko that could have maintained Black’s lead, and then White was able to rest easy again.

You may wish to be more careful in deciding to start and continue ko situations.

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Thank you very much for the review mark! I read that the Ko was irrelevant but then flustered in byoyomi then read it incorrectly that it didn’t work later and scared myself into the Ko. The comment on the invasion into the daidaigeima was interesting. At least I could solidify the top left instead,

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