6d looking for students

Hi I am a 6d CGA, currently looking to becoming an online go teacher, any student from 10k to 4d student wanting to improve in go, feel free to message me



Would love to get lessons, could you please help me understand the process?

Hi, Seirei, I currently offer reviews for free, to schedule a game review, please message me at my username.
The game is better if it is played by you seriously against an opponent of your similar level.

I’d like to get your input on my games, as well. I’ll send a a few games I’ve played seriously to your user name. Thank you in advance.

Here are 3 of my most recent games. I do know I move in very predictable patterns but I really lack understanding at playing the middle game, in my opinion. Any insight you can offer from the samples I gave would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, can we do a lesson by playing a game together? Would you be around later today?

Hi @DanielWhiteside, while teaching by playing helps, I believe it is more efficient to analyze games played against similar level players. I would be happy to help you review a good game you played seriously recently.

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I do schedule game reviews on Saturday, currently there are still time spots left next Saturday. If you can find a good game you have played, we could schedule a good 45 minutes to go through it, and that will really help improving

Hello @newtosenthe. Are you still doing game reviews for ddk players? I just started playing online this weekend and have been losing most of my games. Do you think you could review one of my games?

Game 1: Thought I was winning but lost vs 14 kyu: https://online-go.com/review/424624

Game 2: Struggled to defend my groups the entire game vs 5 kyu: https://online-go.com/review/424626

Hi, I am not taking more students for 1 on 1 reviews as my schedule is packed. However, I might start a new series on my Youtube Channel for reviewing amateur games. Stay tuned!

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