6k vs 6k, I would like a review about a chuban (Middle game), please

Sorry to ask a review on a game that I won.
In my point of view, it seems that until the 48th move, it seemed that blacks were far ahead, with a good and thick moyo have already turning into territory and white with a moyo with many openings yet.

But the game ended with only 7 points of difference.

The question is:
I’m wrong at thinking that black was far ahead until move 48? if true, please, Why?
Or I did wrong invasions that help white recover the difference of points?

I’m thinking that I didn’t knew how to do good invasions or reductions at white moyo…after the move 48.

I’m black.

Thank you very much, and sorry for take your time.

Good weekend for all.

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I see that a 6d did leave a review.

I’m not sure if it answered the interesting question “was black ahead at move 48?”

In some ways the comment “in moves 48-86 white reversed the situation” kind of says “yes black was ahead and lost that lead” I guess.

I’m only 12k, so well below this level of play, but I think it’s interesting in itself: the answer to the question depends on how good you are.

For me, as black, I would have been very scared at move 48. I would not have felt ahead at all, because there is that daunting task of invasion ahead.

So it seems like the answer to “is black ahead here?” clearly depends on how good you are at invading :slight_smile: