6k vs 8k - review Request

I should’ve lost this game. I blundered badly in the endgame and gave up a huuuuuge ko threat. Luckily, my opponent blundered back, and I ended up winning by 15.5. I think I played pretty poorly in a few places though. I’d be super appreciative if anyone wants to take a look at let me know your thoughts!

I’ve also added a review with my post-match analysis. I’d also appreciate it if anyone has time to look over my review and see if my thoughts there are sound.

What stood out to me were (1) hyper aggression in the opening and (2) not respecting connection. I think you won because you opponent submitted to the aggression and did not often break your connections. That may be something to watch.



Tengen senrensei again, 2 in a row LOL!

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Thanks for the review! I think I get overly concerned about big, weak moyo showing up, so I try too hard to invade them instead of building myself up. I definitely need to work on focusing more on playing my game in the opening, and setting myself up, instead of just going on the attack. (And, at the very least, not going on the attack when my opportunity for doing so reasonably has already passed!)

Your point about not respecting connection is also really helpful. I don’t usually think about linking my groups up, just whether I’m connected when my weak, over-extended attacking groups are trying to flee through enemy territory! That’s definitely something else for me to keep in mind.

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