7 seconds

How do you people learn and grow at 7 seconds a move???

Just don’t think and hope for the best :wink:

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7 second go is “enjoying the game” bit of it, everything else is growing and learning for it.

Without having sufficient time for reading, you usually just have to go with your first gut feeling. At 7 seconds per move you can test and develop your instincts, mainly for things such as making shape, direction of play and if is it ok to tenuki.
Plenty of things you can improve with fast games ^^

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When my opponents just blitz the whole game, I get the feeling that they do not take the game seriously. It might be true, or maybe they just get their thinking done on my time.
Whatever the case, do your mental preparation and don’t underestimate them :slight_smile:

Time management is an important skill. You should:

  1. Always be consciously aware of your time situation.
  2. Aim to finish the late middle game on main time, or use it all in a very critical situation.
  3. Never depend on your opponent to give you time to think.
  4. Whenever you have free spare time, use it up wisely! Count and count again.
  5. Play time-suji to get more time.
  6. Do not intentionally pressure your opponent on time outside tournaments. It’s a cheap shot that deprives you of a better learning experience.

You can practice time management against an instant-move bot like DarkGo.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but 2,4,5 and 6 don’t seem to have anything to do with 7s blitz.

Then again, OP probably meant to write “5 seconds” and “5s” respectively, considering he played a few games with that byo-yomi setting today. I was wondering why it was 7s, considering 5s is much more common.

Ah, it seems that I read too much into the OP’s post that was probably not in the intended message. :smiley:

I imagined that he was questioning his opponents taking only very little time to move, not due to the time setting of the game, but by choice. To which I say: worry about your own time and do it right.

It was probably all my projection :smiley:

Only OP can clarify what he actually means. (No tagging because that freezes up my browser for some reason)

@Animiral: Apparently this has been fixed, albeit with the price that the Eidogo plugin had to be disabled for the time being.