7th EuroGoFed Pro

French player Tanguy Le Calvé wins the qualification tournament and becomes the 7th EuroGoFed pro


He’s got his work cut out for him (amateur matchups in parentheses):

Le Calvé 0:3 Dinerstein
Le Calvé 0:3 Shikshin
Le Calvé 1:3 Jabarin
Le Calvé 1:6 Lisy
Le Calvé 1:6 Kachanovskyi
Le Calvé 1:9 Surma
Le Calvé 2:6 Kravets
(Le Calvé 4:8 Cornel)
(Le Calvé 2:9 Podpera)
(Le Calvé 3:7 Debarre)

But best of luck to him. I hope he can refine his Go in China or Korea or both. :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing he is the first French pro, then?

France has another pro, Fan Hui, who is of Chinese origin and reached pro status with the Chinese federation. He is known for his collaboration with DeepMind on the AlphaGo project.


For the record, France is also the home of In-Seong Hwang, who does not have pro status but teaches Go for a living. In-Seong is an instructor of the Swiss and French Go Federations, the owner of the Yunguseng Dojang, and a lecturer at the US Go Congress…

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