~8-6k offering teaching games (pref. corresp.)

Given the amount of new players these days, I felt like offering teaching games would be a good idea. I haven’t really done that before, so I might not be the best teacher yet, but I’ll do my best.

Here are settings I’ll accept automatically :

  • I am White, you are Black
  • Fisher 3d +1d/move (7d max)
  • Borad : your choice, but I mostly play 19*19
  • unranked
  • handicap : your choice, but I mostly play without

This is only there as an example, I don’t mind different settings as long as they are unranked correspondence games with a day per move or more.

As far as playing goes, I will gladly discuss the moves during the game, and you are encouraged to tell me (early on) if there is something specific you are trying to work on.

So, if you are interested, just send a challenge my way!
Have fun.

Someone suggested I create a group for those I teach to play each other, it will also help stay in touch so it might be nice. We’ll see how it turns out, here is a link, feel free to join.

Below are some of my reviews. When the opponent is not mentioned, it is me. Constructive criticism welcome (wanted, actually). If for some reason anyone doesn’t want their review posted there, just let me know.

I am actually too lazy to update this on a regular basis. You can check my reviews in my profile (reviews are at the bottom). Most of these (but not all) are teaching game reviews, as I tend to not use the review function for my own games, and just use the in-game analysis tools.


Hey there, I would like to play a teaching game with you sometime. I am about as fresh to the game as can be and could use some help getting better. I would prefer to do a live game as that feels like it would teach me the most.

Hi, I sent you a message in game to try and schedule a game.

I am a beginner, may I date you for a teaching game sometimes as well?

I sent you a message as well.

Hello! This is very generous of you. May I request a teaching game if you’re not too busy? Thanks :smile:

Thank you so much for offering this service. There is a saying “Nobody learns like the teacher.” I hope you learn a lot from helping others. I just sent you a challenge as well. I used to play at lunch when I worked in a corporation and had time for things like that. After not playing for 20 years the alphago match spiked my interest again. I find myself often regretting moves against the computer. Perhaps some feedback would go a long way to refreshing my mind. Thanks again.

Thanks for accepting my challenge. I know the group wants us to post reviews, so I guess we should eventually post them all in your thread here.

Sure, why not? I guess I’ll edit my first post when I finish a review, I assume it is easier for people to find there.

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Thank you for helping out novices this way. If you have the time, I would like to play a correspondence teaching game with you. I am a beginner.

I’ll be happy to play, just send me a challenge in game.

hi surena i would like to play a learning game. a day move, not ranked, whatever seams good to me. I am new in the group and in the forum, I Will try to send you a challenge

Hi surema, i’ve sent you a challenge. I’ve been trying to find someone i can play with that would be able to help teach me a bit for a while. So i’m hoping this works out. :slight_smile: I’ve played on and off for a number of years but since i’ve always been playing on and off rather than actually having any consistency or stronger people to play against I haven’t really gotten much better.