8k offering teaching games

I am happy to offer teaching games.

  1. Obviously, you should be sufficiently weaker than me. I am thinking of 15k or weaker, but if you are stronger and still think that you can profit from my advice, I am happy to try.

  2. The game should be unranked without handicap and can either be live or correspondence and either 9x9 or 19x19. For live games, you should try to PM me on European evening times. For correspondence games, you can send me a challenge with an appropriate game title.

  3. I want you to comment on your (and my) moves during the game, especially what you see on the board and why you decided on your move. I will also comment on the moves during the game and also indicate what I am sure about and what is still unclear for me at my level.


I would like to play u

How is a teaching game like? I would like to try it, please.


I’m a complete beginner and I’m looking for teaching games. I prefer 19x19 correspondence games, so I have more time to think, study and learn.

I this offer still open?


(edit: added board size)

I am currently 14k and would REALLY like to do a teaching game with you! I think it’s very generous of you to offer, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity.

How would it work, exactly? Do we PM to set up a specific time?

i dont think you realize the flood gate of games you have opened by offering this…but ill take advantage of it, lets have a teaching game :slight_smile:

If you want to play live, you should try to PM me when I happen to be online and I will tell you if it is a good time.