8k vs 14k LF Review

Hi just looking for a review for the game I had, preferably a minimal 10kyu. Thank-you in advance.

The chat is full of move discussion between me and him so we covered a lot while we were playing the game, I still thought a review would be nice though.

Hello I reviewed your game feel free to ask me any questions https://online-go.com/api/v1/reviews/49841/sgf

I thank you for the review, there was a lot of information in it which is sure to help me improve my game. However I think you may have mixed up the players as I was playing white.

I only say that cause in certain areas you say “you” when talking about black though I’m unsure if this is the case or if you we’re talking to MrGorkajuice while doing your review.

In any case it was a great review and I thank you for it.

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While reviewing is a really nice thing of you to do, don’t give out moves which are wrong and say it’s correct. The pupil expects you to learn him/her the correct moves. He/She won’t take what you say with a grain of salt. If you are not sure of something then it’s better if you write so. If I may be so rude, I made some corrections on the review here up to move 32.corrections.sgf (16.2 KB)

I actually saw only a few corrections which most the mistakes were made by not double checking the review not actually not knowing what I was trying to teach. I will simply state thank you for looking it over, and I am not perfect however I do not think I taught anything out of my knowledge level. You agreed with most of my points and the only real correction you made was a mix up on a poor communication error, I am reminded to double check my reviews,thanks for correcting that.

Yes, I reviewed the game for black my mistake.