8k vs 8k review request


In this game I play as black. I was pretty happy with the game overall but would love some feedback on the opening.

It also seemed like white kind of made something from nothing in the bottom right so I was wondering if I dealt with it properly or not. I am especially interested in hearing opinions on that.

All comments are welcome!

The game can be found here: https://online-go.com/game/view/5219047

before I even look through the game proper, you guys passed with several necessary endgame moves un-made. R6, L1, and C9 all needed to be played before the territory was settled, and as a result of their not being played, the end-game count was significantly off. granted, it was mostly black who lost points because of this, and he was far enough ahead that it didn’t matter a whole lot, but still.

Thanks! I know endgame is one of my weaker points. In this case I wasn’t too worried because I thought no matter how it turned out I would have enough to win.

I really appreciate you taking a look!

Still hoping for a review if anyone has time

Here are some comments: https://online-go.com/review/167533
The left side was really thin throughout the game, but white never really tried anything.

Thanks! I really appreciate that.