9k vs 6k 3 stone handicap

This is a blitz handicap game that I just lost on time as black (but the fight was going awfully bad at the time I lost on time, and I also started the game by trading a huge, huge corner group for some hard to use center influence, which I feel was an awful start; and I also did not really choose it, as the group was “suddenly lost” :stuck_out_tongue: ):

Any useful advise and criticism is very welcome.

Thank you!

Here’s my review: https://online-go.com/review/104274

Especially in a handicap game, black should always be putting pressure on white. You should not allow white to settle easily. But in this game, white was very comfortable: instead of attacking white in the upper left, you made a weak group and gave white the initiative. Then you let white settle easily in the lower right, which was black’s strong area… After that you played too slowly in the lower left and let white enter your only big area.

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Thank you!