9x9 23kv21k

The first “reviewable” game I feel I’ve played. I’m still extraordinarily amateurish, so any help would be very much appreciated.

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Some general remarks:

I would advice you to try to watch out for the following:

Is anything in atari?
Could anything be in atari after the next two moves (my planned move and my opponent’s response)?

Which stones are more or less connected?
Is there a move that threatens to disconnect my stones or my opponent’s stone?

Basic instinct moves:

Pay attention to how the borders between the white and black area are closed especially on the edge of the board.

In my personal experience, this is already more than you can keep track of at your level because it hasn’t yet been automatised, so don’t worry if you cannot do it simultaneously.

I tried to review your game from the point of view of these aspects.